When we’re on the road, we don’t sleep in dingy, rundown motels. Instead, we take along some of the most comfortable mobile home trailers around. When we get to a destination point in our harvest, we check into a local campground, kick back and enjoy life inside our top- notch trailers. We understand that there’s a lot of time where you are not working, and during that time, we want you to be comfortable and enjoy yourself. Each of our trailers sleeps up to 10 workers and we have an entirely separate trailer for our cooks.

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Air Conditioning

Hot days are no match for our air conditions. Cool temperatures ensure you’ll be comfortable during your off hours.


If you want to buy some of your own drinks or food items, our trailers have refrigerators to keep your food chilled and ready.


Everyone gets to sleep in their own comfortable bed. Each person has enough storage for their clothes and personal items.


Each trailer is equipped with two bathrooms/showers and a full-sized washer and dryer.


With a microwave on hand, you can quickly heat up your own store-bought food and enjoy it after working hours.

Kitchen Area

Make yourself at home. The kitchen area has enough counter space and the essential items needed to prepare your own food.