Agricultural Equipment and Livestock Transportation

We harvest hard, but when the field work comes to an end, that’s when Wright Trucking and Harvesting takes to the road. Using our small army of semi-trucks, we move both cattle and agricultural equipment from one end of the Midwest to the other.

At the moment, our cattle-trucking routes have expanded outside of Nebraska. We often pick up or drop off cattle in Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and we even travel deep into Montana to get the job done.

We also truck large agricultural equipment to wherever it’s needed. Our routes take us as far east as Pennsylvania and many points in-between. Our lengthiest equipment delivery road trips can take as long as a week.


Tired of going to work and getting into a rig that is going to let you down on the road? With our new Kenworth semi-trucks, this is rarely an issue. Kenworth boasts an efficient and reliable truck that stays on the road. This holds true after many years of experience.


Typically, your routes will put you on the road for multiple days and you will require rest. Forget hotel rooms and sleep in the comfort of our new Kenworth Rigs. The sheer comfort of the sleeper's in these quality pieces of equipment will leave you fully rested and ready to conquer the road ahead of you!